INQDATA and KX partner to streamline data processing, drive informed decision-making, and unlock new opportunities in Financial Services.

(LONDON, 10th August 2023) INQDATA, a data science company specialising in the curation, cleansing, mapping, and hydration of data for financial institutions, today announced a partnership with KX, maker of kdb+ the industry’s most trusted Data Timehouse™ and the KDB.AI vector database.

As financial institutions increase the volume and complexity of the data they consume, banks, asset managers and hedge funds are grappling with issues around data quality at scale, maintenance of feed handlers, cleansing processes, and onboarding costs. Moreover, testing new strategies can be time-consuming. With growing demand for access to real-time data in the cloud, ready to be used and acted upon immediately, INQDATA’s cutting-edge platform addresses these challenges. Powered by KX’s kdb+ time series and vector database, independently benchmarked as the fastest on the market, it enables organizations to curate, cleanse, map, and hydrate data, ensuring its accuracy, integrity, quality, and consistency to the standard required.

With immediate access to cleansed data, quantitative analysts, data scientists, and engineers can quickly test new strategies, minimize time-to-market, and remain agile in fluctuating market conditions. By leveraging INQDATA's flexible cleansing and tagging framework, which effectively reduces overheads and accelerates data quality management, the collaboration will provide accelerated data access for eliminating intricate data acquisition complexities. This enables swift, flexible access to the most reliable and up-to-date data, allowing ideas and research to be pursued without delay or restriction.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership with KX. Combining our data science expertise with the market-leading KX technology will empower financial institutions to extract maximum value from their data faster than before without having to do the low-touch, repetitive and non-core work that occurs across the industry today" said Theodore Voegt, CEO of INQDATA. "Our collaboration will enable the market to benefit from a comprehensive end-to-end solution that streamlines data processing, drive informed decision-making, and unlock new opportunities for customers."

James Corcoran, Chief Growth Officer, KX: “Temporal and vector data are the driving force behind digital transformation and generative AI. With this partnership, we’re combining the power of KX and expertise of INQDATA, enabling users to run production-ready time series analytics and vector-processing workloads across financial institutions today. Built on kdb+, our vector-native database, our technology is the ideal engine for building applications and models for generative AI and vector search use cases. We look forward to working closely with INQDATA to further the adoption and integration of KX in the cloud.”


INQDATA isa data science company dedicated to providing transformative solutions for the curation, cleansing, mapping, and hydration of data in the financial sector. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, and powered by KX, INQDATA helps financial institutions accelerate their time to value for their data empowering faster decision-making, increased operational efficiency, and delivering further transparency.

About KX

Our mission is to accelerate the speed of data and AI-driven business innovation, enabling customers to transform into real-time, intelligent enterprises. Built for the most demanding data environments, KX is trusted by the world’s top investment banks, life and health sciences, semiconductor, telecommunications, and manufacturing companies.

Time series and vector data management are at the heart of our products, independently benchmarked as the fastest on the market. They help our customers process data at unmatched speed and scale and empower developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build high-performance data-driven applications and turbo-charge their favorite analytics tools in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

Ultimately, our technology enables the discovery of richer, actionable insights for faster decision making which drives competitive advantage and transformative growth for our customers. KX operates across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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