INQDATA simplifies market data management with a cloud based solution that handles all aspects of data ingestion, storage, preparation, and quality control. Our high-performance environment, powered by the worlds fastest timeseries database kdb+, gives financial institutions faster access to cleansed, real-time, and historical datasets on-demand. With INQDATA, experience seamless data integration without the infrastructure, support or maintenance hassle.

The hydration, cleansing, and management of historical Market Datasets is a costly and time-consuming process for large financial institutions, asset managers and hedge funds. Cleansed, accurate, and performant historical market data is key to complex analytical analysis, trading models, quantitative investment strategies and in turn ensures actionable insights for capital market customers globally.

Traditionally cleaning and formatting the data to make it more usable and accurate is completed by an army of personnel and technical processes within each institution.  With the advent of machine learning and leveraging the latest advancements in the cloud we are now able to codify market data rules at scale to manage exceptions, outliers, invalid data, and missing data whilst also training models that are continuously checking accuracy and consistency.

INQDATA provides continuous intelligently curated data ready to be used without limitations.

  • Programmatically ingests and hydrates data from data providers's.
  • Implements sophisticated data quality functionality including codified cleansing rules and a rich, configurable user driven data tagging infrastructure.
  • Utilises kdb+ to provide a highly performant data storage distribution framework, dynamically scaling with user demand.
  • Provides a seamless API for data access in customer familiar tooling (Python, kdb+, R, etc…).
  • Developed to fully leverage the benefits of cloud architecture.